Wednesday, March 9, 2011

my favorite store...

whoever does the styling over @ Market HQ is a freakin genius. this is hands down my favorite online store, and they don't even ship to the US (yet... i've asked and it's in the works)! i literally visit this website almost every day just to see if they posted new items because their styling is really an inspiration to me.

sometimes i wish i was from Australia bc i would love to dress like this all the time- i have a sick obsession with "festival" style that just doesn't always work in NYC. sure, if i trek it to BK or the LES in the summer, but that just seems so far away.

i entered a little contest with the store and was asked to post my 3 top outfits, but i was so inspired that i wanted to show you guys some more of my favorite looks that could easily be recreated at home. this type of festival street style isn't so much about owning these exact pieces, it's about recreating this "style" with pieces you probably already own.

key pieces:
  • a beat up pair of combat or motorcycle boots
  • a bowler or floppy hat in any color
  • ripped denim
  • vintage tees
  • a pair of retro shades
  • a maxi skirt or dress
  • something crochet or fringed
  • now stack a bunch of southwestern style bangles and wear at least 3 rings on one hand and you are golden!
more looks i love:

(all images via Market HQ)